Your Property Is A Huge Investment- Keep It Protected With Title Insurance

The Tom Mohr Law Office, PC is an experienced real estate attorney for title insurance in West Chester, PA & Throughout Chester County

A title is a document that proves you own your property. If someone comes along and disputes your ownership, however, your title alone might not be enough to prove otherwise. To make sure your property is protected from any future claims, you need title insurance. Tom Mohr Law Office, PC offers title insurance in West Chester, PA and beyond. We can set up your insurance policy right away.

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Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Count on us for your title insurance needs

Tom Mohr Law Office, PC works with Fidelity National Title Group and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company to give you reliable title insurance. During our process, we can:

  • Search through the property's records for any discrepancies
  • Take care of all the documents you need after closing on your property
  • Explain procedures and settlement costs associated with current disputes
  • Record all new deeds, mortgages and closing documents

To start your title insurance process in the West Chester, PA area, contact Tom Mohr Law Office, PC today. You can schedule a consultation with us at your convenience.